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Real Estate Broker

To sell your house or apartment in the Dominican Republic successfully and at the best price, you need a real estate agent or real estate broker. After all, you don’t just sell a house out of nowhere. It is an important decision that involves a lot of details. Therefore, it is essential to outsource this to a professional who stands up for your interests: the real estate broker.

What is a real estate broker?

The REMAX broker acts as a mediator in the sale of a property or other real estate inversions and advises the seller in all areas with the goal of achieving the best result. He or she defends the interests of the selling party. As a seller, you are not obliged to hire a real estate broker, but it is advisable to always seek help with the sale of your property. In around 90% of all successful real estate sales in the Dominican Republic property, a broker has been involved.

Obviously, you pay the broker for his services, but in most cases, you will end up saving a lot of money, time, and energy. Through the years of experience that a real estate broker has built up, he/she is able to quickly assess the market. The sales broker has good knowledge of the selling price to be set, is an expert in negotiations and has the necessary legal and tax knowledge that applies in the Dominican Republic.

What can we do for you?

The REMAX team Adriaan Smit in the Dominican Republic provides complete guidance during the sales process. This process starts with the introductory interview, during this interview we explain to you step by step how we are going to make the sale of your property or other real estate inversions in the Dominican Republic. One of the most important aspects is determining the right selling price, too high of a selling price almost never attracts the right candidate buyer. On the contrary it will attract candidates who, because of the pricing, expect something completely different from what is offered to them and what will eventually lead to a negative result. In most cases, if the selling price is too high, the final buyer will also take more time to arrive. Thanks to our years of experience in this field, we can advise you on the right selling price. As a seller, you always have the last word in this, but it is advisable to follow the objective advice of the sales broker. Your real estate broker looks at data, legal aspects, key figures, and other conditions such as expansion possibilities, they will help you with the proper presentation of the property.

The real estate broker then ensures a suitable presentation of your property on various local housing sites social media and offline media. Interested parties can then request more information or a viewing. If an offer is made, the negotiation of the price and conditions will begin. This often turns out to be a stumbling point and where a good broker can make the difference between making a sale or possibly losing thousands of euros. A real estate agent, unlike an owner, is not emotionally involved in a sale transaction and will therefore make the negotiation process more convenient and straightforward. Upon agreement on the price and other conditions, your real estate broker will draw up the provisional purchase agreement for the sale of your home. As soon as the provisional purchase agreement has been signed by the buyer and seller, the broker ensures that the notary has the right documents and information to be able to make the transfer.

REMAX has the largest network in the Dominican Republic but also internationally in the field of buying and selling real estate properties. Selling your property through REMAX team Adriaan Smit has many advantages. We use modern marketing tools, presenting your property not only on our own website www.remax.luxury but also, on www.dominican.apartments, www.santodomingo.apartments, www.sunlife.do and www.remax.com and various international websites, including your property in our monthly newsletter to approach the right candidates for you.

If you are Interested in offering your property for sale via REMAX, please contact us directly for a
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