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Dominican Real Estate

Camino Real, Bocacanasta

250 m²
1200 m²
$ 210,000 buyers’ cost

Calle La Mulata Cabarete, Sosúa

600 m²
0 m²
$ 695,000 buyers’ cost

Casa de Campo , Casa de Campo

900 m²
1800 m²
$ 2,600,000 buyers’ cost

Real Estate agent

Do you want to buy a property in Dominican Republic? Do you want to be professionally guided during the purchase process? REMAX team Adriaan Smit is happy to help you. We not only advise you on a legal and financial level, but we also negotiate on your behalf about the sale price and conditions of your future home. We will help you along the way with all the matters and details that come when purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic.

Buyer broker

If you want to achieve the best result when selling or renting your property in the Dominican Republic, you will have to use the services of a real estate agent. The REMAX team takes care of all the details that come with selling or renting a property off your shoulders. REMAX has the largest network in the real estate field in the Dominican Republic and is also the largest international player in the real estate market.


In most cases, you will need an appraisal to apply for financing from a bank or other financial institution. Your REMAX agent has a large network of licensed appraisers in the Dominican Republic each one with a different specialization. Your REMAX agent will be happy to match you with the right appraiser, taking into consideration your type of property and the place where real estate is located.

Silent sales

Do you want to sell your property in the Dominican Republic but do not want to make this publicly known yet? This can be done via a REMAX silent sale. In that case, we only offer your home to a specific target group, and we do not place a sign for sale at the property. REMAX has the largest network in the field of real estate in the Dominican Republic and internationally, so it is your ideal partner for a silent sale of your home.

Free search

Are you looking for a luxury home or apartment in the Dominican Republic? The REMAX team is the right partner for this, we offer the properties through our broker websites www.remax.luxury and we also have access to the offer of all other REMAX agents and partners in the Dominican Republic. When we search at REMAX luxury is guaranteed. This will result in a successful purchase of your property in the Dominican Republic.

Free appraisal

If you want to buy or sell a property in the Dominican Republic, naturally you want to know its financial value prior to the selling process. REMAX provides you with a valuation of your house or apartment free of charge so you can substantiate your negotiating position in a sale or purchase.

Calle David Ben Gurion 10 , Santo Domingo

191 m²
$ 2,500 monthly

av. Bolivar 351 , Santo Domingo

161 m²
$ 220,000 buyers’ cost

Calle Rafael Augusto Sanchez , Santo Domingo

160 m²
$ 300,000 buyers’ cost

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