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Living in the Dominican Republic: Reasons why you might love DR

5 augustus 2022
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There are many reasons to live and invest in the Dominican Republic, as confirmed by the thousands of foreigners through the investments they make in the country, and who have also made this country their home.

The most advisable thing is to find out according to your interests and situation, but you can be sure that this will undoubtedly be one of your best experiences.

However, choose so that you know a little about the characteristics of our country, we have compiled 5 reasons why the Dominican Republic could be a good decision whether to live, invest or retire.

1. The low cost of living

One of the most important reasons is the low cost of products and services, as well as the purchase or rental of a home.

Starting from real estate (buildings / properties), products and services, food, you could live comfortably in the Dominican Republic with a monthly family budget of US$1,200 and with US$2,000 you can afford more entertainment and enjoy a good life with access to all kinds of service.

Buying or renting an apartment, compared to other countries, is quite affordable in the Dominican Republic and you can see some of the properties we have available here.

2. Quality of life in the Dominican Republic

dominican republic

  1. An undeniable characteristic of this country is its tourist attractions, which provide a quality of life that can hardly be found in other countries
  2. Beautiful beaches of white sand, palm trees, warm turquoise water, that you will find throughout the country.
  3. The Dominican Republic is considered an island favored by a wonderful climate characterized by being warm and with the sun always setting.
  4. Mountain tourism.
  5. The Hotels and Resorts of the Dominican Republic are recognized internationally, which are highly popular both by residents and by people from abroad. Many of these hotels and resorts are located in the eastern part of the country, Bávaro and Punta Cana.
  6. But essentially and the most important thing is the human quality of the country’s people. We are known for being warm, respectful, kind, honest people and we treat foreigners with extreme cordiality. Here you will always find an extraordinary service and a person willing to help you with whatever you need.

3. Country Growth

  • Modern airports, where, for example, the Dominican Republic can be reached from the East Coast of the United States in just two hours.
  • New highways have cut travel time outside the capital by more than half.
  • The Dominican Republic has been in constant growth in its infrastructure, which is significantly beneficial for the growth of the economy and the investments made in the country.
  • The Santo Domingo Metro, which connects Greater Santo Domingo with all its municipalities, is the most extensive metropolitan rail system in Central America and the Caribbean. Every day it transports thousands of people who move in the capital city.

4. Affordable and uncomplicated residences for foreign retirees

The government of the Dominican Republic is welcoming of foreign retirees. If you can show proof of a monthly pension of US$1,500.00 (plus US$250.00 for each person you are bringing with you), you can qualify for temporary residence in just 45 days. And, as with other retiree residency programs from other countries, qualifying comes with perks, benefits, and tax breaks.

Any foreigner can obtain immigration status in the country quite easily and it can be obtained for many reasons (reunification, work contract, investment, among others), you only need to find out about the most appropriate

5. A paradise for investors and entrepreneurs

Located in the center of the Americas, an infrastructure of great economic development, and a generous package of tax incentives, the Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the Caribbean region to do business.

The government welcomes foreign investors to its export processing zones.

If you are looking to establish your own business in a beneficial and tax friendly location, you should take advantage of the opportunities that you can count on in the Dominican Republic, especially if your activity falls under any of the following categories: telecommunications, infrastructure, renewable energy, agribusiness, call centers, software development, manufacturing, or tourism.

Thanks to Law 8-90 you can qualify for a 15-year exemption on all income taxes, corporate tax, VAT, municipal taxes, export tax and duties, and incorporation and capitalization taxes.

The government has committed itself to the growth of tourism. It recognizes the potential in its coasts, its forests, and its historical capital.

All this while living in one of the warmest, safest, friendliest paradises in the world.

You can see all the properties we have within our property catalog.

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